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Caltrans’ ACH Plan Is Alarming

On April 20, I attended a meeting of our city’s Public Works & Traffic Commissioners. Caltrans came to present a proposal on “Safety Improvements for Angeles Crest Highway.” The presentation’s title was extremely misleading.
Caltrans was actually there to inform us about their potential Americans with Disabilities Act compliance program for ACH. And their presentation was very alarming. To briefly summarize key points: Caltrans’ plans include sidewalks, a two-way class 4 bike lane (with bikes traveling in single file northbound and southbound), street parking, the REDUCTION of one southbound travel lane on ACH and a mini-roundabout for pedestrian crossing (on a 7-8% downhill grade) at Green Lane and ACH. All of these items (except the roundabout) will potentially be placed on the west side of ACH, from Salisbury to Gould Mesa. The impact would be extensive from Caltrans utilizing their eight-foot property right of ways to remove trees, landscaping, planters, stairs, walls, utility poles and to relocate mailboxes.
When the public comments began, the vast majority of residents made it clear that the biggest safety concern on ACH is SPEEDING! However, neither Caltrans nor the commissioners could respond to the many questions raised during the public comment phase. To address speeding, one resident pointed out that New York uses signage that measures SPEED and NOISE violations on a single sign; these could possibly be useful if placed by our Flock cameras capturing the license plates of the offenders. We also cited several unsafe flaws in the proposal, from a single downhill lane on a steep grade feeding into a mini-roundabout, to the dangers of more parked cars blocking driveway visibility.
Every resident in attendance lived on ACH and received a letter informing them of this meeting. But do not be mistaken, this involves all of us. The project is in its infancy with potential construction beginning November 2024 and ending in November 2026. Rene Galvan is Caltrans’ project manager (rene.galvan@dot.ca.gov). Please check the city’s website for upcoming meetings regarding this “safety” improvement for ACH!

Susan Heldoorn
La Cañada Flintridge


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