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Think More Before Starting Projects

I am curious as to what responsible party or committee decided on the curb from Starbucks past the YMCA to the 2 Freeway.
Besides the 210, Foothill is the major route from La Cañada to Tujunga. When there is a problem on the 210, Foothill cannot handle the traffic with the existing four lanes, much less two. What makes it more idiotic is that these was already a painted bike lane and the sidewalk was for those who chose to ride their bike or walk that route.
I have been going down that way since the project began to specifically see for myself the bike/foot traffic and there is little to none at all hours of the day and night.
Once again, the taxpayers will spend millions and an excessive amount of time for 1% of the population that uses the lane especially since they already have a painted lane. Remember the signs on Foothill that were given up because they were continually hit by cars and destroyed? Another brilliant idea not thought out whatsoever.
They should have left the painted lanes as they were and used the money for much greater projects like paving Foothill or continuing to crack down on our increasing crime rate in the area.
I have lived in the area for more than 40 years and the lack of any prudent or reasonable thought by our elected officials continues to astound me.

Gregg Inboden
La Crescenta


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