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City Needs to Act on Proposed Pickleball Courts

First published in the July 21 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

A few months ago, I retired after a long career as a construction executive.
I mention my retirement for a couple of reasons. The first is for permission to throw my unsolicited opinion out into the community for no other reason other than I have plenty of time to do so. The second is to point out that I have never seen a well-planned project built out in multiple phases cost less than when executed in a single phase.
I hope our City Council recognizes the potential cost savings of constructing the maximum number of pickleball courts at one time when making their decision on the number of courts to build out.
Another reason applies to the idea of La Cañada residents going off to surrounding communities to play the sport on other cities’ courts. I’m embarrassed that a town as affluent as ours struggles to put together a facility where the locals can stay and play at home without overburdening the resources of another town. Why does Glendale or Pasadena or Burbank have to put up with La Cañadians coming to their crowded courts when we haven’t authorized an immediate plan to maximize usage of our small available space at Discovery Park?
I would ask the city to act cost efficiently and promptly so I can go do something productive, like play pickleball … or take a nap.

Tony Gaudino
La Cañada Flintridge


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