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Disgusted by ‘Hands-Off’ Policy Toward Theft

First published in the Aug. 4 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

On Sunday, July 24, I witnessed firsthand a handbag robbery at the local TJ Maxx.
I was having lunch across the street and watched the criminal stroll across the street into a waiting get a way car. When I asked the young store associate, who was trying to video him. Asking if she had called the sheriff, she said she was “not allowed.” Appalled, I called 911 myself and reported the crime.
Later that day and in [last] week’s paper, I found that there was another theft in the same store, the same day, just two hours later. I also discovered that TJ Maxx has a “hands-off” policy when it comes to theft. Well, I have a message to TJ Maxx: You are contributing to the deterioration of my neighborhood. Your policies are inviting criminals into our community and frankly it is disgusting. You have a duty to protect your employees, inventory and shareholders as well as the communities in which you operate. If you fail to do any of the above, then maybe you can hang a banner outside that says “Recall George Gascon.” Failure to take any stand or make any attempt at prevention is crazy.
Be part of the solution … If not, you are part of the problem.

Edward Antonini
La Cañada Flintridge


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