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Letter Writer Has a Point

First published in the Oct. 6 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

Last week’s letter to the editor contributor (Marcus Johanssen’s “Our Small Town Has Gone Down Hill”) is definitely on to something. By extrapolation from local issues, just think how wonderful America would be without all those darned Democratic Party initiatives over the years:
• No Social Security or Medicare. (People should work harder to save for the future independently.)
• No women’s right to vote nor voting rights legislation. (Men with property can determine what’s best.)
• No child labor laws. (Too many kids are being indoctrinated by left-leaning public schools anyhow. Let them learn the value of a dollar by beginning work at, say, age 10.)
• No abortion rights. (Women just don’t show good judgment when they’re barefoot and pregnant.)
• No EPA. (Enough already of being victim to environmental extremists’ pesky clean air and clean water regulations.)
• No gun control laws. (It was much safer in Dodge City.)
• No same sex marriage. (An obvious abomination. The Bible says so … somewhere.)
Now if we can just take down the Statue of Liberty. It only encourages “them foreigners.”

Dave Sanderson
La Cañada Flintridge


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