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Anonymous Letter Writer Needs To Be Called Out

First published in the Nov. 3 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

This week, a letter was mailed to supporters of LCUSD School Board candidate Octavia Thuss. It reads like a ransom note, came in an envelope with laser printed addresses, and encourages the recipient to “reconsider” their public support. It’s not directly violent, but like January 6 and the Pelosi attack, it’s a blatant attempt to subvert the election process through intimidation.
The author felt she could say whatever she wanted with no consequences. Based on private conspiracies, she attempted to chill public support of Octavia’s candidacy. It’s appropriate to take issue with a candidate’s statements on social media or elsewhere. But the anonymous nature of the letter and the way it is framed seems intended to threaten all of us.
Pelosi’s attacker is in custody and will be prosecuted. Many who attacked Capitol are also being prosecuted. The Jan. 6 Committee has directly accused Donald Trump of orchestrating them. He may also be prosecuted.
What should be done? The source should be investigated. All documents printed on a laser printer contain microtext that identifies the printer. The handwriting on the hateful signs that appeared in front of Trader Joe’s is distinctive. I’m providing them to relevant authorities.
It’s not my place to decide whether this person violated the law, and my efforts here may not have consequences for them. But this type of anonymous sniping can lead to violence and should be called out. That’s why I’m signing this letter.

William M Scott IV
La Cañada Flintridge


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