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LCE Botanists Develop New Flowers

First published in the Jan. 12 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

Photos by Chris Sutton
Outlook Valley Sun


The 6th-graders in Lisa Fungo’s science class at La Cañada Elementary School completed their unit on reproduction in plants and animals.
The students were tasked with designing a flower, with a specific pollinator in mind. Their flower design had to increase the odds of reproduction, by having features to attract the pollinator, allowing it to obtain the pollen and transfer it to the pistil part of the flower.
The young botanists proved to be up for the challenge, making a poster of their creations. Some of the names for their new species included “Boom, Boom,” “Mysterious Munch,” “Pretty Purple,” “Landing Gear,” “Callisto,” “Fire’s Breath” and “Venus Glide Trap.”


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