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Green Bin Information Is Lacking

It’s unfortunate many haven’t been provided information needed to separate and dispose of food waste per the new law.
All change comes with a learning curve, and hopefully, residents can share what we learn and educate each other. I use NASA trash service which I’ve found to be the most reasonable. I also try to watch City Council meetings either in real-time, or more often later downloaded from the city website.
Neither NASA nor the city told me to do this, but for my own convenience I purchased a small counter-top compost pail and green compostable bags to line it. Green compostable bags look like plastic, but they‘re actually made from plant-based material which will decompose just like food.
When the bag is full, I simply tie a knot and toss it into the green bin — no stink, no mess. I don’t use wire or plastic ties, or plastic bags because those aren’t compostable. Any small pail would do, but my food scrap pail has a carbon filter in the lid so there’s no odor in the house — albeit there’s the added expense of buying new filters when needed.
I received flyers from both NASA trash service and the city yet sounds like not everyone received them and that’s a problem. The flyers I got provided graphics and lists of what now goes into the green bin. I was surprised to learn that green-bin waste now includes “food soiled paper products” (cardboard pizza boxes, paper towels used to clean up food waste, but not paper towels used with cleaning products to wipe down counters, excrement or bodily fluids, etc).
I was also surprised to learn cooked food leftovers, dairy products like old cheese or yogurt, and even uneaten pet food now goes in the green bin. Another surprise, avocado skins go in the green bin but not avocado pits simply because they’re too big/dense and won’t break down. And our pet waste, even when neatly collected in poop-bags is not compostable or recyclable so it still goes in the brown trash bin.
Pamela Woncik
La Cañada Flintridge


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