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Palm Drive Needs Ticket Cameras

Thanks to Joanne Berg for her letter to the editor in the Outlook Valley Sun regarding the need for speed bumps on lower Palm Drive.
About 20 years ago, we tried — to no avail — to get speed bumps installed on Palm Drive for the reasons she stated. The city declined because of the ER vehicles.
Now the situation is even worse than before … we can hear the cars accelerate to catch the green light at Foothill Boulevard.
Dianne walks to the Y daily and has witnessed countless, dangerous near misses due to speeding. The cars come down the street just inches away from the curb. Also, the sidewalk on the lower west side of Palm is 54-inches wide and on trash day, the addition of a 33-inch trash can leaves only 21 inches of sidewalk, with less room on the east side of Palm Drive. The kids and others must step into the street to get around the trash cans.
We believe the best solution would be to install three “ticket cameras” on each side of Palm Drive, post a 20-mph limit and set the cameras to take pictures of speeders’ license plates at 30 mph.

Bill and Dianne Osburn
La Cañada Flintridge

First published in the May 4 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.


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