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Camera Sharing Can Improve Neighborhood Security

Officials at the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station urged residents to share security camera locations with neighbors to enhance community policing efforts. 

Sharing such information allows greater surveillance coverage and quicker crime resolution through collaborative evidence, authorities said. It can also help deter criminals and confirm any discovered devices belonging to neighbors rather than thieves.

Why share camera info?

• Increased Coverage: More cameras mean more coverage and better surveillance of a neighborhood.

• Quicker Resolutions: Shared footage can help police solve crimes faster and more efficiently.

• Deterrence: Visible collaboration can deter criminals from targeting certain areas.

• Deconfliction: If a resident discovers a hidden camera, authorities can confirm it does not belong to the resident’s neighbor for a legitimate purpose.

To get started, officials recommend:

• Connect with Neighbors: Joining or creating a neighborhood watch group to facilitate communication. Contact Eric Matejka at ematejka@lcf.ca.gov or (818) 583-4311 for assistance.  

• Share Info: Letting neighbors know camera locations and coverage areas.

• Stay Informed: Regularly updating neighbors about suspicious activity.

“By working together and sharing information, we can build a stronger, safer community,” the sheriff’s statement said.

The sheriff’s outline comes days after warning residents about burglary crews hiding cameras to vet homes.

First published in the June 20 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.


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