Booster Club Raises Funds at ‘BoostOberfest’ Party

The La Cañada High School Booster Club recently hosted “BoostOberfest” at the home of Christi and Chris Matarese. Silent and live auctions raised funds, and beer, pretzels and a grand German buffet filled tummies. Proceeds from the event benefit students and athletes at LCHS.
Co-chairs Jamelle Magee, Tricia Delany and Leah Dilbeck
Mickie Weightman and Susan Harlan
Rachel Resmer and Brenda Sutherland
Shahan and Nellie Yacoubian with Ellen and state Sen. Anthony Portantino
Sue Wright and Liz Schwalbach
Ted Armstrong, Julie Milbrodt and Donna Armstrong
Tom and Kristy Leckrone, Elizabeth Cuff and John Belcher
Wayne Page and Dan Jeffries
Caroline Anderson, Mitch and Teresa Butier, Kristie Bake and Melissa Mazin
Booster President Jeremy Milbrodt and wife Julie with hosts Christi and Chris Matarese
Shannon Petersen, Melissa Mazin, Brad Lew, Cheryl Trowbridge and Kristie Baker
Wayne Page, Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt, and Sue and Dave Auther
Randy Scoville with Teresa and Todd Rushing
Randy Scoville with Teresa and Todd Rushing
Jamen and Teseena Wurm, Matt and Justine Plocher, and Mickie and Colin Weightman
Taleen and Charlie Kamar, Kevin and Leslie Kevorkian, and Deborah Weirick
Wendy Sinnette, Brent Kuszyk and Andrea Jeffries
Kenny and Sheri Burns, Karen Hurley, Sean Boyle and Tracey Nelson
Wendy Sinnette, Brent Kuszyk and Andrea Jeffries
Becky de Souza, Dawn Ignatian, Rory Peters and Sandy Manion
Brad Lew, Randy Scoville and Todd Rushing
Brent and Deborah Weirick
Brian Shew, Katherine Widneil and Vicken Haleblian
Carmela and Max DeBrouwer
Christi Matarese and Julie Milbrodt
Christie and Chris Clarkson with Principal Jim Cartnal
Greg Harlan, Joleen O’Brien, Susan Harlan and Kevin O’Brien
Jeff Peters and Sean Manion
Ken and Gwendolyn Kiessling with Kathy and Marc St. Hippolyte
Leah and Kirk Dilbeck
Linda Steffan, David Mihal and Camilla Hartman
Mia and Carl Husfeld