Thursday Club Presents the Les Fleurettes Debutantes

The La Cañada Thursday Club’s Les Fleurettes Provisionals were presented as debutantes at the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles. Working together, the debutante provisional class performed many hours of social and community service, learned social graces and refinements, engaged in personal development instruction and explored many cultural opportunities.
Keller Lichtenberg with MJ and Craig Miller
Jim, Pam and Robert Heiberg
Leslie Dick and Annabelle Dunbar
Mark Dancsecs and Chris Dunbar
Lily Dunbar, Audrey Raulli, Gabriella Connell and Siena Dancsecs
MJ Miller, Paige Cooper and Rachel Hwang
Melody Bagheri and Simone Badaruddin
Nicholas Myers, Malik Al-Jazayrly and Giovanni Ciulla
Sarina Mata, Emmie Lew and Lana Kayali
Sharon Grey, Elza Gross, Hailey Paton and Brent Nussbaum
Tara Donaghy and Maddie Norton
Tatum Heiberg and Jessica Jewell
Will Ferguson (seated) and Ian Tinkham. Back: Carston Petersen, Ryan Lui, Griffin Dilbeck and Liam Hartman
Jerald Kagele, Tiana and Anthony Connell, Anna Scarborough and Tina Connell
Olivia Herscowitz, Emma Donaghy, Michael Herscowitz, Brooke Cooper and Caitlin Blencowe
Dane Grey, Jenny McIlwain, Luke Raulli, John Calmette and Scott Smith
Brandon Grandalski, Bob, Anthony, Tiana and Tina Connell, Anna Scarborough and Jerald Kagele
Carmen and Joani Porto, Mayor Len and Brenda Pieroni and Jeanie Kay
Bob and Erin Meeker, Mike and Ingrid McConnell, Megan Dobrott, Craig Miller, Barb and Steve Cabello
Seema Kayali, Kelleigh Serdar, Sarita Sharma, Peyton Shayler, Grace Fontes, Cari James and Madeleine Reinoso
Amber and Katharine Franklin
Audrey Raulli, Josie Hull and Siena Dancsecs
Bob Cooper, Peter Raulli, Kent Hwang and Bob Connell
Brad Lew, Chris Norton and Mike Donaghy
Carmen and Joani Porto with Joellen and Jim Yundt
Chad, Allison and Nick Budde
Craig Miller and Bob Connell
Ellie Dick, Caroline Dick, Talia Goldstein and JJ Dick
Erin and Bob Meeker with Megan Dovrott
Ihsan and Abeer Kayali with Shathae and Nadene Eissa
Ihsan and Lana Kayali