Les Fleurettes Debutantes Make Their Debut

The La Cañada Thursday Club presented young women to society at a black-tie gala on Saturday, Dec. 29, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The event celebrates the girls’ completion of a 16-month program of social and community service, cultural education, personal development training and etiquette instruction.
Kari, Shelby and Taylor Hanson with Katherine Schiffman
Judy Cooper, Jody Platisa, and Bob and Therese Louk
Karly Bortfeld and Miuccia Ishibashi
Kendall Knudsen, Davyn Cox, Seema Kayali and Cari James
Mayor Terry Walker, Bob and Therese Louk, and Alison Davitt
Randy Roberts, Hettie Lynne Hurtes, Dixie Whatley and Valerie Geller
Shahin and Christine Aydin with Jeanine and John Sengul
Shalini Pullarkat, Anthony Creehan and Nicole Reynolds
Zach Rotter, Kaylie Girebaugh, Tracey Andrew and Meaghan Susank
Event co-chairs Kim Ortiz and Yvonne Marchosky with Jeanie Kay
Event co-chairs Kim Ortiz and Yvonne Marchosky with Jeanie Kay
Kayln Stewart, Samantha Aydin and Kathleen Knudsen
Kayln Stewart, Samantha Aydin and Kathleen Knudsen
Tyler Jacinto, Jack Schoenthaler, Robbie Louk, Cole Stewart and Prescott Stewart
Caroline Higa, Veronica Muller, Sydney Mueller, Gwendalynn Stilson and Nareh Derhartounian
Larry, Lauren and Pat Knudsen, Janet Schrameck, Karen Knudsen and Donald Schrameck
Kyle Soo Hoo, Anthony Creehan, Faith Florez, Connor Soo Hoo and Carly Witteman
Fran and Kevin Lyman, Christine, Lily and Andrew Bingham, and Richard Luchetta
David Klandrud, Anita Perkins, Kathleen Miller, Wade Howery, and Quentin and Louise Leef
Jeanne and Katrina Bortfeld, Nicki Jedrey, Sawako Ishibashi and Jade Winicki
Chris, Nancy and Jack Muench, Marie Pink and Maddy Jordan
Esther Jacobson, Estee and Robyn Tekin, Christine Aydin, Melissa Can and Isabella Aydin
Aaron and Benjamin Aydin with Jimmy Sengul
Lisa Dionisio, Barb Brady and Amanda Dionisio
Alison McQuay and Ethan Salter
Allison Budde, J.J. Dick and M.J. Miller
Ashleigh Kazak with Mona and Anabel Massabki
Bob, James, Cathy and Ryan Hartman
Brad Schoenthaler with Connor and Lauren Knudsen
Emily Jordan, April Miller, Megan Andrews and Allegra Rendina
Gabriella and Allegra Rendina
Jojo Corbett, Gabie Garibyan and Leea Poulatian