Carmen Kim | Obituary

Carmen Kim
Date of Death

Carmen loved life! She was a talented soprano singer and during World War II performed at the USO and other engagements throughout her life.
Family was very important to her. She had 5 children: Toni, Tracy, Bruce, Russell and David (dec.)
For over 40 years she dedicated her life to the martial arts as a member, instructor and manager of the International Karate Association. She was featured in the 1979 Black Belt magazine. She earned the esteemed title of Sensei and was greatly admired.
Carmen was a beautiful, strong, confident and generous woman who made everyone feel welcome in her home. Her cooking was unsurpassed and her artistic presentation of delicious dishes was enjoyed by all. Hosting and entertaining for family and friends was one of her greatest joys.
Her youthful spirit and straightforward wisdom made her a standout!
She will be well remembered and deeply missed.
She is survived by siblings, four of her children, grandchildren and great granddaughter.
Funeral Mass will be held at St. Bede Church on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 10 a.m.