Obituary: Constance Mae Bevan


The appropriate measurements of a person’s impact in life are their substantive accomplishments together with their personal interactions with others and demonstrated commitment to uncompromised ethics, values and love.

You completed, thirty six years with one of the world’s largest corporations – The Bell System. Challenging and pivotal assignments rewarded you with a gratified sense of personal accomplishment. When asked to explain your business success, you always responded, “I loved my job and the people I worked with.” You always projected cordiality with an effervescent smile, never losing sight of your mission and dedication to the enterprise.

Your family life was, in many ways, a mirror of your business life. Structured and disciplined, tempered with love, kindness and consistent immersion in the welfare of others. Supreme loyalty as a wife and constant caring as a “Super Mom” to three respectful and successful adult children… John Jr., Elizabeth Ann, and Douglas Edward. Ultimately John, Rene, Hayven and Hayley / Elizabeth and Otto Casas / Douglas and Teri, all angels in disguise.

Much of this blessed wonderment was manifested during an eight year Bell System employment hiatus. In between the births of three children, you were active in your community becoming a successful Real Estate Sales Associate and Broker in a “cutting edge all-women incorporated group.” Your motivation and competitive spirit always in action while concurrently operating as the CEO of a thriving family unit.

WOW! Text book focus and execution drove your success.

Before all of the above, there was your celebrated arrival as Joyce Ann Britt, Oconomowoc Wisconsin, December 31st 1936, the lovely child of Norma Jean Britt and Ray Alexander Howard of North Carolina.

Blessed by adoption, your parents George Sverdrup Mickelson and Mae Vetral Mickelson guided your formative development within a nuclear family until their passing circa 1960.

On your own, now at 21, with your sweet four legged companion Sue, you held and maintained your own close council. Serendipitous events came into your immediate world – that momentous and gracious telephone call placed by you to The Pacific Telephone Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles to congratulate a long time friend and colleague, John Bevan on his promotion. Out of this fortuitous moment a soulful connection was made and the rest of our lives were a match made in heaven. “Your presence has elevated my life to soaring ethereal heights and our years together are only a prelude to what’s in the master plan.” Both of us always convinced and committed to the belief that The Almighty does not destroy great things… He just reconstitutes them and we have been great together.

This lovely “gracious you” epitomizes the character and substance of an icon in her own right. They, them and those state along with all notable poets, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We agree, behold the incredible you… Constance Mae Bevan. God bless you always and hold you in the palms of His Omnipotent, Gracious and Loving Hands.

Connie’s very specific wishes are that all her friends and loved ones celebrate her life and continue to demonstrate love and kindness for one another.

A particular heartfelt thank you to our Wisconsin

Family; Kathy, Brenda and Kenny. You enriched Connie’s life and gave her happiness beyond all expectations. Grateful and emotional appreciation to all the medical professionals that cared for Connie – most particularly Dr Andrew Muller MD, Internist

extraordinaire, as he shepherded this lovely lady through this arduous process. All the best and God Bless.

The Bevan Family