Thomas H. Sawyer, D.C.

Date of Death

Where is one’s home ………
Who is family ……….

Thomas H. Sawyer, D.C. passed away the evening of March 7, 2023.
Tom was born June 28, 1956, in Grand Junction, Colorado, the son of Marvin and Emma Zoe Sawyer.
Born with a spirit of heart and kindness, Tom had a vision of helping and healing. Tom’s ability to interact with sincerity and respect were the cornerstones of the lifelong relationships he developed with family, friends, and patients.
Tom was humbled by the many who put their faith and trust in him to heal them physically and emotionally throughout his successful life and chiropractic career.
We are all faced with the emotional challenges of life events and physical challenges predicated by the toolbox God has provided each of us. Life, it would seem, dealt Tom with many more challenges than would seem to be the norm. Early life was full of accidents and injuries, and seemingly, just bad luck. In Tom’s later years, it would be artificial hips, knees, and the fusing of both wrists, all of which led to his retirement from the profession he so loved, much sooner than desired. While retirement was a crushing blow, Tom faced it with dignity and grace, and with unwavering positivity and care for others.
Tom was preceded in death (16 short months ago) by his cherished mother, Emma Zoe. He also leaves behind a brother, Ron (Doneen), sister Karen (Mark), niece Morgan (Robert), nephew Ben (Lauren), great nieces Kensley and Jaelyn, and great-nephew Waylon. We are grateful for his life and love, and we loved him dearly. Tom will be especially missed by his devoted dog, Zoey.
Upon retirement, Tom chose to continue to serve the community, friends, and strangers alike. Tom devoted his time, love, and energy to his friends and those in the community that were in need of help. Tom assisted those with hardships by providing financial assistance for food and rent, kind and motivating words, respectful guidance, and his love. Tom kept his mounting physical issues private to protect family and friends from worry. A diseased pancreas ultimately led to other internal issues that took his life. It would seem that God wanted Tom to join his team in heaven so much that he brought him home much sooner than we would have liked. Throughout all, Tom remained positive and dignified, as was his way.
Immediate family encouraged Tom to return home to Colorado, as it seemed a natural segway in retirement. There was much hanging out to be done, golf holes to be played, jokes to be told, and life to be lived. However, unbeknownst to family was a “family” in the greater Montrose/La Cañada/La Crescenta area.
In the days leading up to his passing, as we saw Tom for the last time, and following, it was clear how fully embraced by his friends and patients he was. It was clear, there was heartfelt love for Tom by so many. The man on stool #2 was a big part of your lives … cherish that each of you were a huge part of his. We now have an understanding of why Tom had stayed in your community for so many years.

So … Where is one’s home …
It was/is with you and your wonderful, loving community …

So … Who is family …
It is all of us …

The Sawyer family thanks you all for taking care of Tom for these many years, for being such good friends, for loving and embracing him for who and what he was. Far too many to name here. Suffice it to say, whomever he talked to, whomever he engaged, was instantly part of Tom’s life, a life for which he cared deeply for each and every one of you. We can never repay you for how you helped us over the last weeks. Your kind words, your tears, your stories, your embraces, made us feel … well like family. Please keep Tom in your heart always.
Rest in peace my brother, my in-law, my uncle, my great-uncle, my mentor, my confidant, my hero … my dear friend …
Please join family and friends at a very informal get together on March 26, 2023, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tom’s friends will be spreading the word.