LCFEF Wine Auction’s Sellout Crowd Helps Raise $145K

The La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation’s third annual Wine Auction, held at the home of Chris and Christi Matarese, featured a sellout crowd of 270 local residents and raised a record-setting $145,000 to benefit the LCFEF Endowment Fund. Bob Cooper and Chris Davis served as wine auction chairs and Emily Woods, Joleen O’Brien and Jennifer Ferry were the event’s co-chairs. Rob Olson, Teresa Butier, Andrineh Ghazarian, Leslie Chang, Dan Thorman, Andrew Johnsen, Andrew Rea and auctioneer Mike Goldberg also played key roles in the fundraiser’s success. Caroline Anderson serves as LCFEF president and Marilyn Yang is the organization’s executive director.
Michelle and Justin Strassburg, Tierney Noblin and Hannah Cho
Gloria Cannon, Grace Lee, Jasmine Dematteis and Stefani Galvagni
Steve and Elysa Del Guercio with Chelby Crawford and Gregg Smith
Steve and Sara Ingrassia
Karen Giquinto, Shauna McManus and Rana Kantar
Christa and Jason Evans with Justin and Jenny Kazak
Shelly Lapsi, Julie Taylor and Sahar Bedrood
David and Alice Yun, Teresa and Ron Chiu, Jonathan Shing and Bob Blair
Erin Pooley, Emily Woods and Panetta Barton
Yvonne and Dan Thorman, Sarah Anh, Christy Cornejo and Lynley Gross
Valerie Talbert, Amy Ramsey, Monica Warner, Kim La and Erica Gross
Emil and Linda Eyvazoff with Jeff Parks
LCFEF President Caroline Anderson, Wine Auction chair Rob Olson, Kelly Davis and Kevin Martin
Megan Oberle and Nicole Johnsen
Event co-chairs Emily Woods, Joleen O’Brien and Jennifer Ferry
Marion Oberle, Jason Pardo, Megan Oberle and Scott MacDonell
Bill and Rana Kantar with Shauna and Ryan McManus
Neal Shah, Eric Trimble, Aalok Sharma, Doug Ramsey and Rodney Vencat
Ann Smith, Amanda DeHaven, Emily Vencat, Mira Shah, Amy Ramsey and Kim La
Alex and Stefani Galvagni with Dena and Craig Snedden
Grace Lee, Maricela Hurtado, Tara Hopeck and Gloria Cannon
Mitch Butier, Chris and Vanetta Barton, and Sue and David Auther
Jennifer and Phil Gordon with Carmela and Max De Brouwer
Tamar Tujian, Nellie Yacoubian and Karine Aslanian
Alison Heath, Karen Clark and Julia Cooper
Susan and Greg Harlan, Chris Barton and Valerie Talbert
Joe Ferry with Julie and Jeremy Milbrodt