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Top Notch Gives More Realistic Construction Price Breakouts

La Cañada home designed and built by Creativity in Living Inc

Homeowners are struggling with contractors low-balling the cost of construction. The pre-estimate given to them by their design professional or builder usually is 50% of the final cost for the construction. When presenting a contract based on their construction plans, the usual response is “That’s double of what I was told!”

Pasadena Craftsman style home de signedbuilt by Creativity in Living Inc

Top Notch (Creativity in Living, Inc.) has been designing and estimating projects for more than two decades, and actively pursued, studied and researched the need for upfront realistic solutions to this problem.
Top Notch has formed a team of construction experts to help this cause, and is dedicated to helping homeowners know what the actual cost of construction is before they spend thousands on architecture and engineered plans.
The problem lies in the dollar per square foot rule and specifics, for example — electric meter relocation, new fire codes, plaster walls, lead paint, earthquake, energy regulations and the finish materials desired.
Top Notch’s in-depth site observation and interview with the homeowner will provide a detailed pre-cost breakout without architectural and engineered plans … saving unnecessary dollars for the plans. This breakout is accurate within 5%.
A free price breakout is available for remodeling, additions and new homes. Email at topnotchstudio@gmail.com or call (818) 652-8466.


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