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New Year’s Day Isn’t Far Away

First published in the Oct. 27 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

The LCFTRA 2023 Rose Parade entry is “Second Hand Shenanigans.” The theme for the floats is “Turn the Corner.” As such, our float depicts a whimsical perspective of a young child preparing to move on to the next step in life’s journey.
Part of this preparation is the cleanup of the outgrown toys and clothing. While that pile is built in the driveway, an opportunistic family of rambunctious raccoons happen by and exact upon the pile of curios, as the Shenanigans of what Raccoons do ensue, a surprised child peers from the bedroom window.
This float has animation, color and 3D-thinking. Another one to be proud of!
LCFTRA are the dream-makers. We create from nothing — usually nothing more than a rough napkin sketch. We follow a DREAMs work ethic: Design, Research, Engineer, Art and Make. It is what allows the magic to happen.
It’s also an important symbiotic relationship across our collective disciplines. It does no good for all to be of one discipline or another (that would just be a competitive environment where nothing is achieved).
Likewise, it does no good to be islands of specialty talents with no communication. True symbiosis is the collective respect that each talent and discipline have for the next. (Star Trek and the “Borg” — anyone that wants to talk “Trek” anytime, let’s chat.) Those familiar with prototyping, product design, even aspects of 6-SIGMA, can appreciate this interrelated process.
This extends to all our major processes: construction, administration, fundraising, public relations and decoration. So don’t be bashful, your skillset may not be wielding a torch; but I can assure you, whatever your skillset, it has a home here. If the above clicks with you, or someone you know, and feel like being one in a small group of self-built builders, or you fancy yourself a DREAMer — well our collective wants to hear from you!
If you think this big ’ole hot rod has designs on your inner tinkerer, if you want to learn a new skill(s), or you want to teach, please come by or call and let’s get you dirty!

Ernest Koeppen
LCF Tournament of Roses Association President
La Cañada Flintridge


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