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Responding to Support for 600 Foothill Partnership

In what seems like an investor’s viewpoint (for who else would be reading court records), Lisa MacCarley (Letter to the Editor, Sept. 14) offers an almost hilarious view of La Cañada Flintridge as a city that doesn’t like seniors, is racist and is “living unto its reputation as a sundown town.” Who knew? Not only that, but we’re standing in the way of solving the homeless problem.
Clearly those who oppose a five-story mixed-use development at 600 Foothill might be the same miscreants [who] selfishly opposed Norbert Olberz and his four acres of asphalt parking on the corner of Foothill and Angeles Crest Highway back in 1997?
It might shock Ms. MacCarley to learn that we have a right to petition our government. She might be surprised to learn that the Referendum to the City Council to revoke their approval of the proposed Olberz plan garnered over 2,200 signatures in less than two weeks. Following the certification of signatures on the referendum, the City Council agreed to form a process to include the community in creating what became the Downtown Village Specific Plan. That’s the one that Jonathan Curtis and his investors want to turn upside down.
We should keep in mind that prior to becoming a city we were governed by the County Supervisors. Much of what is on Foothill was done on their watch. Unlike Glendale or Pasadena, we do not have a commercial grid and we are a bedroom community with one thoroughfare.
Our City Council is elected by citizens. When they have questions or concerns, they present themselves with civility to the governing body, the La Cañada Flintridge City Council.
If the 600 Foothill Partnership were to get their way, it would permanently alter our city. Ms. MacCarley would have us believe what is being sought is simple righteousness. It rather seems to be about money.

Kent Schmidt
La Cañada Flintridge

First published in the September 21 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.


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