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ACH-Adjacent Residents Face Dangerous Conditions

This letter is intended to bring awareness to our neighbors in our lovely La Cañada Flintridge of a dangerous situation which is escalating. Unless you live near Angeles Crest Highway, you are probably unaware of the hazardous conditions that exist for those of us who live on the highway.
The problem is that it is a state highway and therefore under the jurisdiction of Caltrans. It is beyond impossible to reach them, or anyone else who could be of help.
I am personally a victim of two frightening accidents on my property, the first of which a drunk driver plowed into my neighbors’ yards and ended up in my driveway, upside down, and destroyed one side of a home that I own.
Six months later, the second accident was an uninsured drunk driver who wiped out my whole fence, mailboxes and front yard. The first accident occurred when there were three people in the kitchen at the time the car crashed into it. Miraculously, no one got hurt.
My question is, does someone have to die in order to get some attention? The speed limit coming down the hill should be reduced from 45 mph because it usually ends up with cars racing down the hill at 55-60 mph. A signal and speed cameras need to be installed along with some kind of warning light. This is a residential neighborhood and we need to have peace of mind when we go out to check the mail or take out our trash cans.
We deserve some respect and support instead of having to live on a dangerous speedway.

Daphne Thabet
La Cañada Flintridge

First published in the November 23 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.


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