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Unlock Cornishon Field

For 45 years I have lived just down the street from the sports fields on Cornishon. For the last couple of years the city has locked them for a month in December for rehabilitation. Again they are locked every time it rains. This also locks the track and the exercise equipment next to it.
The city has done this with no discussion with the community and no regard to the impact to the people who use this facility. The city bureaucrats will tell you they are trying to keep the fields from being damaged but they have no facts and data that support this. Let’s see the study that supports this assertion. Besides, the fields are hardly in pristine condition; after the rehabilitation in December I walked the fields and found tire tracks in the field, bare spots, and it was full of lumps and bumps. Hardly rehabilitated.
As a final piece of evidence, look no further than 200 yards away at Memorial Park where the grass is never closed and used more than the Cornishon fields. I would say the grass there is just as high quality as the sports field.
Unlock the fields!

Steve Stedry
La Cañada Flintridge

First published in the February 22 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.


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