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City Needs Senior Housing

First published in the Sept. 29 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

There are many seniors who’ve lived in La Cañada for decades and want to stay here.
They’d love to downsize, but the only option is to move to a different city isolated from longtime friends, family and familiar places.
We need senior housing right here in La Cañada and 600 Foothill Blvd. is probably the only option. So, I disagree with the density “decrease” proposed at the Sept. 12 City Council meeting and hope instead it’s zoning can be changed to 62+.
I have no connection to and don’t know the owners of 600 Foothill. These are just my observations as a senior and 25-year LCF resident who learned a lot taking care of my elderly parents.
Here’s why 600 Foothill is a reasonable location for senior housing:

  1. It’s the only “available” parcel large enough for senior housing, preferably one offering assisted living. The city defines the zoning, so define it so only seniors 62+ can live there.
  2. Seniors/retirees don’t drive much, especially not during rush-hour commuting times, so it’s low impact on traffic. The city defines the zoning, so require sufficient onsite parking.
  3. Walking distance to post office, banks, groceries/shopping, restaurants, bus/shuttle, etc. is imperative for seniors who rarely drive, if not at all.
  4. Not next to single-family homes, so it’s appropriate for multiple levels. And taller may be better to provide the added benefit of blocking Foothill and freeway noise for homes south of Foothill Boulevard.
  5. Seniors, especially longtime residents, downsizing will not bring crime to the city.
  6. Traffic, parking problems and even crime/shoplifting may instead increase, if a retail store or office building is built there instead (think T.J. Maxx).

Pamela Woncik
La Cañada Flintridge


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