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Les Tupper Awards Ceremony Honors Tireless Volunteers

The Les Tupper Community Service Awards ceremony, sponsored by the La Cañada Flintridge Coordinating Council, will be held Monday, April 8, at 7 p.m. at Flintridge Preparatory School’s Norris Auditorium.
Mike Devine and Chuck Osburn will receive the Focus Service Award, while Stephanie and Jeremiah Arnold will receive the Couple Service Award. Jada Yang will be honored with the Student Service Award and the Kiwanis Club of La Cañada La Crescenta-AM will be given the Organization Award.
Tim Larson, the Europa Clipper deputy project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will be the keynote speaker.
The Les Tupper Community Service Award is an opportunity for the public to recognize volunteers for the tireless work they do in the community and elsewhere. For more information on the LCF Coordinating Council, visit lcfcc.net.

Devine is a person dedicated to the development of youth within the La Cañada Flintridge community. Since 2005, Devine has been the co-scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 507 sponsored by St. Bede the Venerable Catholic Church.
Along with his fellow co-scoutmaster, John Moe, Devine has guided hundreds of youths within the troop. The instruction the Scouts receive in ethical and community values will serve them for the rest of their lives.
During his nearly 19 years of experience, Devine has guided more than 130 Boy Scouts to the rank of Eagle Scout, all while ensuring that each Scout meets the rigorous standards of both the Boy Scouts of America and Troop 507. He has personally worked on and given direction to more than 100 Eagle Scout projects. For more than 40 years, he has supervised the annual fundraiser of garden products sale and delivery to residents in La Cañada Flintridge.
As scoutmaster, Devine has led four groups of 40 Scouts to three Boy Scouts of America National Jamborees. In 2015, he led 40 Scouts to the World Jamboree in Japan, attended by 34,000 Scouts from around the globe.
Devine teaches by example and truly cares about each Scout. His determination to have boys achieve the rank of Eagle is unwavering. As a thank you to St. Bede, and as a community service opportunity, members of his troop commit time and effort to assisting with setup for their Annual Parish Birthday Party.
Apart from Scouts, Devine has a master’s degree in police administration and doctorate in criminal justice and social science. Devine worked with the FBI bureau in Los Angeles, was a Special Agent of the Year with the NCIS and served as a technical consultant on the hit TV show, “CIS.”
Devine has demonstrated talent for achieving results through motivation, teamwork and building strong relationships, which allow for continued growth and opportunity. He has mentored, guided, shepherded, educated, led and assisted hundreds of boys within the La Cañada Flintridge community. He is an inspiration to us all.

Osburn is the Associate Pastor of Congregational Care at the La Cañada Presbyterian Church. He oversees Lay Counseling and Deacon Ministries. In addition, he leads small groups, performs countless weddings, officiates at funerals as well as doing hospital and home visits.
Raised in Pittsburgh, Osburn was introduced to Jesus through Young Life Ministries while in high school. The impact of becoming a Christian had on him resulted in Osburn attending Fuller Seminary after graduating from the University of Cincinnati. While at Fuller, he earned a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry in Marriage and Family Therapy. He came to LCPC as an intern in 1979, was ordained there in 1980 and never left.
For over 45 years, Osburn has been a part of the La Cañada Flintridge community as well as an amazing church leader in the city. Not only does he work in La Cañada Flintridge, but this is also where he and his wife, Barbara, chose to live and raise their daughter, Kendra.
Until his grandson was born, Osburn and his wife could be found at Los Gringos Locos on Friday nights, along with many of his parishioners, enjoying dinner and a margarita.
Osburn will retire officially in August this year. His near five decades of FOCUS at the Presbyterian Church has yielded amazing results throughout the community and church.


The Arnolds’ endeavors have included volunteering for the La Cañada Elementary PTA, Kiwanis, La Cañada Flintridge Coordinating Council, La Cañada Unified School District, Youth Basketball, City IFAC Committee, LCF Chamber of Commerce and LCF Tournament of Roses Association.
Jeremiah Arnold’s volunteer leadership extends across a diverse array of domains, from education institutions and municipal affairs to community service initiatives and athletic endeavors.
He is the epitome of a hands-on, behind the scenes individual who doesn’t shy away from getting his hands dirty. He is the silent force tirelessly working behind the scenes. Whether it is executing strategies, completing tasks or ensuring follow-ups, he is always in the trenches pushing forward with unwavering dedication.
His focus lies not on personal visibility but on achieving tangible results: a trait that underscores his genuine commitment to serving our community.
Stephanie Arnold served as the La Cañada Elementary PTA president from 2022 to 2023. During her tenure, the school held its annual Halloween Haunt, the largest and most important fundraiser of the year. The PTA funded enrichment opportunities such as Artrageous Adventures and STEM. In addition, PTS organized activities throughout the year such as Red Ribbon Week, assemblies, Community Read-In and family events. She now sits on the Board of the La Cañada Flintridge Coordinating Council and works to update our community calendar. As a member of Kiwanis, she serves as Vice President of Programs.
With couples like the Arnolds living in the community, Les Tupper’s legacy of excellence and service will only continue to flourish.

Jada Yang

When the Coordinating Council first read the many nomination forms for Jada Yang, they wondered when she found time to study. She possesses outstanding personal attributes and actively participates in leadership and service-related activities benefiting her school, her community and beyond.
Yang, a senior at La Cañada High School, has actively advocated for inclusivity for people with disabilities. She is a competitive debater and is passionate about representing the needs and opinions of others. The drive to advocate, combined with her own mobility challenges, has sparked the creation of her nonprofit organization, Mission for Mobility.
As CEO, her sole purpose is giving all youth with mobility disabilities a voice and a support system. This is accomplished by driving education and awareness in our communities, while offering a network of passionate peers to provide the support and confidence needed to tackle the many challenges and obstacles youth with mobility issues face. Through social media accounts and its website, she has spread global awareness of the disabled experience online to 30 countries. She even produces a podcast for her mission.
Yang has participated in many speaking engagements as a Mobile Disabilities advocate including The Global Health Leadership Conference at John Hopkins University. She has also been featured in student fairs and recently has written and published a book, “Shining a Light on Mental Health and Disability Inclusion.”
In addition, Yang also serves this year in a prestigious position as student representative on the La Cañada Unified School District Board of Education. This is not an elective role but requires numerous interviews. Yang has brought enthusiasm to her monthly reports and is always eager to learn about the issues the school board faces.
She serves also as LCUSD Student Facilities Advisor of the Local Control and Accountability Plan Committee and Chairperson of Assisteens of Flintridge, a volunteer auxiliary of Assistance League of Flintridge. She was elected as Student Advocate for the Los Angeles County Board of Education and also sit as a Youth Council Member for FEMA. Yang has also received placements at the National Speech & Debate Association Tournament.
Lastly, she is the LCHS College and Career Center aide, who assists students in the new College and Career Center with internship and research opportunities, summer programs, part-time jobs, scholarship opportunities and much more.


The Kiwanis Club of La Cañada-AM, established more than 30 years ago, merged with the Kiwanis Club of La Crescenta in 2016, and is now called the Kiwanis Club of La Cañada La Crescenta-AM. The “new” club is now financially able to help more community programs in both of the Foothill communities, with the motto of “Serving the World One Child at a Time.”
The club’s signature project, daily food run, involves members picking up day-old bread, pastry, deli and produce at Ralphs grocery stores and delivering the items to organizations who serve those in need. This has been happening for 30 years, even on Christmas Day. It is estimated more than $150,000 of food is delivered annually and more than 1,000 volunteer hours have been accrued.
On the average, the club donates about $25,000 annually to about 30 organizations in the area including the LCF Community Center, LCF Tournament of Roses Association, Foothills Community Scholarship Foundation, CV High School Prom Plus, Rosemont Special Ed, Once Upon a Room, Firehouse Youth Center, Sister Cities, Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Support Group, Friends of the Library and the Lanterman Museum, to name a few.
The club still has about $5,000 in reserve from two projects that support Veterans Village in Glendale with food and loans.
In addition, the club donates books to the elementary school libraries. It supports scouting programs: 2 Cub Scout Packs, 1 Boy Scout Troop and the Girl Scouts. It gives a yearly campership donation to the YMCA of the Foothills.
The club actively supports student leadership program by sponsoring two middle school “Builders Clubs” at St. Bede and Rosemont as well as five high school Key Clubs involving about 200 students. The club gives annual scholarships to students at the high schools where they sponsor a Key Club, as well as Hillsides. Scholarships are available for seniors who plan to attend a 4-year college, a community college or a vocational program.
For years, members have volunteered as bell ringers for the Pasadena Salvation Army through the Christmas season at the Ralphs in LCF.

Kiwanis Club of La Cañada La Crescenta AM

First published in the April 4 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.


Les Tupper Award Winners 1965-2024

Mike Devine
Chuck Osburn
Stephanie and Jeremiah Arnold
*Jada Yang
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada La Crescenta AM

Trish McRae
Ernest Koeppen
Montrose Search & Rescue
LCF Tournament of Roses Assn.
*Andrew Mihal
*Hayden Owen
*William Wade

Greg Brown
Chris Erskine
Alice Ryan
*Bradley Burns
*Matthew Kruse
La Cañada Flintridge Sister Cities Assn.

Caroline Craven
Bill Pounders
**Christie Crahan
**La Canada Jr. Women’s Club
*David Baker

Barbie Eland
Wes and Jennifer Seastrom
Lynne Thompson
**Los Gringos Locos
**Misplaced Priorities
**Joe Puglia
*Kelly Carney

Soo Kim Choi
Michael Davitt
Katherine Markgraf
Ellen Multari
*Courtney Johnson
*Naomi Stephen
**USC Verdugo Hills Hospital

Christie Clarkson
Sheri Morton
Victoria Schwartz
*Kara Bradley

  • Shayna Goldstein
    **Janice SooHoo
    Assistance League of Flintridge

Donald Voss
Terry Walker
Robert J. Wallace
*Jenna Dorse
*Jack Nagel

Barbara Marshall
Bill Sjogren
Scott Tracy
*Kaitlin Powers
*Nicole Stevens
**Teens for the Advancement of Children’s Hospital

Tony Angelica
Susan Boyd
Harriet Hammons
*Kyla Bradley
LCF Community Scholarship Foundation
**LCF Branch Library

Pat Anderson
Heather Haaga
Mike Leininger
Joel Peterson
*Talia Bernhard
*Andrea Klein
Friends of the LCF Library

Randy Strapazon
Barbara Weber
*Kathryn Battaglia
*Alexander Keledjian
LC Baseball Softball Assn.
Flintridge Riding Club

Nick Berkuta
Joel Smith
Joyce Ruygrok
*Kelly Gregg
Community Center of LCF
Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station

Joe Thompson
**Malia Mailes
*Nicole Morrison
*Estrella Sainburg
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada

Rosemary Hook
Mary Gant
*Jessica Saydah

Merrily Hake
Clyde Hemphill
**John Olsen
*Regina Saavedra
LCF Trails Council

Will Moffitt
Laura Olhasso
Don and Joan Williams
*Rachel Tobias
LCF Orthopaedic Guild
**Descanso Gardens Guild

Karen Mathison
Sherry Kirchheimer
**Mary Barrie
*Mary K. Hurlbutt
*Will O’Brien
The Apple Cart
La Cañada Thursday Club

Martha Burns
Andrea Terry
*Kate Schmidt
Kiwanis Builders Club at St. Bede School

Nancy Abbott
Virginia Dalbeck
*Michael Caswell
*Katherine Hurlbutt
** Deputy Dan Connolly and the CV Sheriff’s Station volunteers
Lanterman Historical Museum Foundation

Jack and Barbara Dawson
Jack Wheeler
Flintridge Guild of Children’s Hospital
Los Altos Auxiliary of Sycamores

Sue Beatty
Jeanne Edwards
Barbara Hudson
*Laurel Angelica
Flintridge La Cañada Guild of Huntington Memorial Hospital
La Cañada Girl Scout Association

Gaylord Hammerwold
Meredith Reynolds
Bill Shupper
*Jennifer Breckheimer
La Cañada Flintridge Outlook
Dragon Thrift Shop
Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Club of LCF

Eileen Ferber
*Todd Goldsworthy
Spartan Boosters Club
**John Harris and firefighters from Stations 19 and 82
**Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Char Adams
Shirley Hingst
**Gordon Sherer
*Matthew Cerini
*Nithya Krishnan
La Cañada Printing Services
La Cañada Council of PTA

James Edwards
James Geoghegan
Joy Gifford
**Liz Blackwelder
*Bryan Stevens
Montrose Search and Rescue Team

Frank Bowers
Linda Fults
**Susan Hamre
*Darren Pollock
*Ernest Shahbazian
American Field Service’s LCF Chapter

Harold Arman
Becky Gelhaar
Julia Thomas
*John Robert Cochran
*Alice Jang
Cañada Auxiliary of Professionals of Assistance League of Flintridge
Kiwanis Club of
La Cañada- A.M.

Pat Hutchins
Sue Schechter
*Tyler Knight
*Kavitha Krishnan
Assistance League of Flintridge
Hillside Learning Center

Elizabeth and Bob Andresen
Joan Feehan
** John C. Argue
*Kimberly Ann Morris
Roger Barkley Community Foundation

Irene Mendon
*Jeanine Wynton
*Michael Kruse
Community Scholarship Foundation of LCF Scholarship League

Jim Campbell
Beverly Johann
Jan and Dr. Peter Obligato
*Nicholas Berkuta IV
*Rosalynde Frandsen
Skidettes of St. Bede Church

Carole and John Siegler
Celeste and Robert Smith
Allen Lund Co.
*Sara Hopkins

Jeanne and
Dr. Charles Broberg
*Shannon Browne
Crescenta-Cañada Family YMCA
**Joy Gifford
**John Kelsey and the LCHS Madrigals

Dr. Leon Ellis
Rosalind Hilton
Audrey Hedges Tesenholtz
** Retired Service Volunteers
La Cañada Valley Beautiful

Mary Ann and Jim Arnett
LCF Tournament of Roses

Bill Horsfall
Ann Neilson
LCF Educational Foundation

Dr. Leonard “Skip” Baker
Robert Dannenhold
Donald Graf
**C.I.T.Y. Program

Doris Young Coates
Liz and Bob Craven
Chris Valente

Dorothy Buss
Marjorie Dryer
Nancy Francis
Donald Hingst
John H. McCormick
Rotary Club of LCF

Shirley and Dick DeGrey
Dottie and Dennis Juett
Edmund J. Krause
Margaret Pankratz

Molly and Neal Brockmeyer
Nancy and Peter Palermo
Blanche Ward

Ann Mack
Muriel and Dr. William Pickering
LCF Women’s Club

Donna and Richard Cohen
Barbara Pieper
Joy Wilson

Nila and Roger Barkley
Joyce and Bob Covey
Marge Farr
Don Hill
Mary Ellen and Warren Hillgren
Descanso Gardens Guild

Kent Frewing
Kay and Clem Glass
Shirley and Dave Herrman

Sherrill Carbonetti
Donald Davidson
George Parrish
Pat Morrison

Merrill R. Francis
Edith Gieseke
Mabel Johnson
Sally Moore
Shirley Myers
**Rod” Rodgers Jr.,
**La Cañada Special Olympics Volunteers

Jean Smoot
Jack Samuelson
LCF Chamber of Commerce & Community Assn.

Helen Ayres
Julia Knight
Mary Alice Green
Claire Slaughter
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada
**Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Alexander’s Market

Joan Greene
Mary Milbank
Jane Rix
La Cañada Youth House Community Center

Nola and Glenn Dolberg
Carl Gieseke
Brad Millikan
*James Adamson
La Cañada Junior Women’s Club

Ann Redmond
Zelta Reynolds
Assistance League of Flintridge

Jane McFadden
Ridgely Muller
George Parrish
Lillian Rivers
Doris and Bob Samuelson

Jane Hogle
Margaret Anne Rood
John Smith
Dr. Donald C. Ziehl

The Dorians
Father Leser
Frances Pryor
LCHS Fine Arts Dept.
Yes On School Bonds Committee

Ellen Ellis
La Cañada Baseball Association

Marion deLipthay
James C. Loofburrow
Father’s Council
Freeway Action Committee
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada

Jerry Hogle
Gilbert Smith
Dr. Paul Zintgraff
Community Scholarship Foundation
LCF Newcomers Club
LCF Women’s Club
La Cañada Valley Hospital

*denotes Youth Award **denotes Special Award


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