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Eva Clara Higgins

Eva Clara Higgins

It’s been a year gone by since I lost the love of my life, Eva Clara Higgins, to breast cancer 1953-2019.
She was an immigrant from Budapest, Hungary, which at the time was Communist-controlled.
The Fabok family fled to Austria for two years, applying to the U.S with help of existing family members who were here who would sponsor them. The family settled in Montrose in 1967, where Eva attended Rosemont Jr. High, and graduated from Crescenta Valley High.
It was in 1969, when I met Eva. I was hitchhiking with a couple of friends, when on a dare, this car pulls over with three lovely girls — the rest is history. I was smitten with Eva from that moment on. Later, I learned she has the same identical birthday as mine. To top it off, so does the driver of the car whose name is also Eva.
We married in 1972, just babe’s lots of bets on it lasting. Our daughter Jennifer was born in 1973, a beautiful addition to our family. We remained in the Crescenta Valley where Eva took on part-time work at J.C. Penney’s in Montrose and then Shreiner’s German Deli. She became an American citizen in 1981; because of the new immigration law on marrying an American there was a wait (She was a proud American and a great one!). She eventually found professional employment as an insurance broker with two firms, Marsh Mclennan and Willis Towers. Eva volunteered help to our older friends because giving back was always an important part of her character. Fight tooth and nail for cause and belief; “this too shall pass” was her model.
Prior to retirement and after, we enjoyed traveling the U.S. as well as Europe and Hawaii. Eva loved to plan trips with our grandchildren, Kylie and Brodie, to New York, Chicago, Florida, New Orleans. Of course, no matter where Eva would go, you can assure there was walking involved — lots of walking. She enjoyed live theater and mountain hikes, bicycle rides along the coast, walks on the shoreline. With stage 4 cancer, our last hikes were Fern Lake, Parker Lake, and Walker Lake, finishing each one with a smile of confidence.
Eva always had a smile; her smile was so full of life it brought life to life and a laughter to match. I thank God for the blessing of knowing and having her in my life for 47.8 years of marriage to a woman whom I am so proud of, in love with, the mother of our daughter and grandmother to our grandchildren and friend to friend. E’des szi’vem szertlek! — Your Husband
Parents predeceased: George F. Fabok and Ilona Fabok. Survived by Terrance Higgins (husband), Jennifer VanderGeugten (daughter), Mark VanderGeugten (son-in-law), Kylie Rea VanderGeugten (granddaughter), Brodie Lee VanderGeugten (grandson), Klara Ruza (sister), Judith Solimar (sister) and Sarika Haklar (aunt).


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