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LCPC Adds Classes for Parenting College Students

First published in the Aug. 18 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

La Cañada Presbyterian Church Parent Education has added three new classes to its fall lineup. Beginning Sept. 14 and 15, parents of college students will also have the opportunity to participate in Parent Education. After 20 years of developing curriculum and a community for these classes under her own personal Parent Coaching business, Jan Roberts’ college classes will make their debut under the umbrella of LCPC Parent Education this fall.
Parenting College Freshmen will meet Wednesdays from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. This class, taught by Roberts, will provide support in the process of launching a student into the new world of college. Topics will include surviving away from home, living with a roommate, managing a budget, adjusting to academic differences and wise awareness of the “Big 3 of College” (sex, drugs, alcohol). Parents will be guided in “parenting from a distance,” learning to become a mentor instead of a manager, and becoming an important advocate — encouraging their student toward independence. Parents will join with class members in sending three college care packages to their students — always a big hit.
Parenting College Sophomores, also taught by Roberts, will meet Thursdays from 9:30-11 a.m. This class will help parents to understand the uniqueness of the “Sophomore Slump” year and provide concrete methods to encourage students. No longer the “new kid” on the block, sophomores are confronted with choosing a major, changing friendships, the uncertainties of belonging, time management issues, living off campus in apartments, possibilities of study abroad, and for some, considerations of transferring to another college. Parents will learn to listen, encourage and let go. Parents will join with class members in sending three college care packages to their students.
In addition to teaching the new college classes, Roberts will also continue to teach her popular grandparenting class. Roberts is entering her 30th year as a parent education instructor.
Parenting College Juniors and Seniors, taught by Tracy Tobias, will meet Wednesdays from 9:30-11 a.m. As students move into their junior and senior years of college, parents need to fully embrace their role as mentor and encourager as opposed to manager and fixer. This class will provide a community for parents to nurture their child’s independence and autonomy, allowing them to grow into thriving, successful adults capable of managing their own lives, finances, relationships and emotional well-being. The class will address many of the topics related to the joys and challenges of college life: demanding coursework, jobs, internships, housing, studying abroad, physical and mental health, roommates, relationships, partying, general adulting skills, moving back home, as well as staying connected. It is a season of letting go, but a time of building a new adult relationship with your child that can be extremely rewarding.
For 43 years, LCPC’s Parent Education Program has maintained its legacy of reputable staff and quality education. Last year, more than 500 parents and children from 22 cities came to the LCPC campus every week, driving from a 30-mile radius of La Cañada.
Class listings and online registration are available at lacanadapc.org/parented. Scholarships, payment plans and free trial classes are available. Apply online. Email parented@lacanadapc.org for more information.
As our updated tagline boasts: “If you have a child or grandchild birth through college, we have a class for you!”


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