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Governing Takes Common Sense

I would like to say thank you to Mayor Keith Eich for continuing to pay for the Mayor’s Corner for all of us.
This last one, published on April 27, defends his point of view on subjects pertaining to cityhood and a rule of govern, and in my opinion, to let us readers know how that is going for him — with perhaps some discord.
I would like to ask the folks who continue to debate him on what is right and wrong to take a step back and try to understand what is best for all residents, but perhaps you want it to go only “your way is the right way.” Let me remind you that free speech should be protected whether you agree with the opinion or not, and not by insinuation of reading into a letter (by Bill Lockwood) to my letter to the editor [titled] “Let’s Come Together.” He assumed that I am one of those crazed conservatives who write with a hidden agenda, which in fact I am NOT, but an Independent who uses common sense to arrive at my opinion — that of people coming together to help this country get on the side of reason and not be cancelled!
I may be a moderate conservative, but I always figure there is room for debate, free to have all opinions voiced to some hopeful conclusion for all! I think it is well to remember history — I grew up during WWII and history proves how hatred of a culture or peoples can be turned into a Germany that was horrific! Those who sit by and don’t speak up with their opinions are just fed for the opposition, whether it be in city, state or federal government — free to have all opinions voiced to some hopeful conclusion to all!
Thank you, Keith, for understanding this in promoting your agenda to do exactly that. … There comes a time when a lot of thought and common sense must answer a lot of questions to rule a city, state and federal government, and to voice an opinion in support of that, which is the intent of this letter.

Marilyn Pieroni
La Cañada Flintridge

First published in the May 4 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.


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